The thema Form- & Federntechnologie GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized, family-owned company managed by its owners and has been founded in 1977. With our current 100 employees, we are engaged in the production of a wide-spread range of products of various different spring steel components for mechanical- and plant engineering on a world-wide scale.

Count to our offer Portfolio:
Compression-, tension-, special- and heavy-duty springs, torsion springs/double-leg torsion springs and other torsion springs,
spring tines, playground springs, bent wire parts, centering- / form rings, leaf springs, punched and bent strip parts.

The core sectors supplied by us include:
agricultural machinery, construction machinery, screening machines, forklift trucks, vehicle engineering, municipal services, industrial- and safety valves, electrical industry, elevator technology, vibration engineering, drive engineering, brakes, pneumatic- and hydraulic components and many more.


The company's successful development is based on our philosophy to provide customers a competent partner, consultant and supplier in to be all areas of spring technology. The maxim "everything from one hand" is lived daily by us and is reflected in a very broadly put up achievement service portfolio (see below).

The successful development of the enterprise is founded on effective and efficient, individual production processes for which machines and systems of high technical quality are used. Certain of these have been developed within the company and are protected by patents.

A comprehensive and well assorted stock of primary materials provides the basis for optimal and economic production.

The enterprise decisions are aimed basically at the steady rise of the customer satisfaction. We compile innovative solutions for your special demands.

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Compression, tension and Special and heavy-duty springs
From 0,50 to 32,00 mm of diameter wire

spring Tines
up to 28,00 mm of diameter wire

Torsion springs & double leg Torsion springs
from 0,5 to 20 mm Diameter wire

bent wire parts
from 0,5 bis 20 mm of diameter wire (spring steel)
from 0,5 bis 32 mm od diameter wire (
Iron- and cold upsetting wires)

centering and form rings
from 0,5 to d= 20 mm of diameter wire (srping steel)

Leaf springs and bent strip parts
von 0,1 to 8mm material thickness

Fabrication of complete subassemblies



Materials used:
° Unalloyed spring steel wire acc. to DIN EN 10270-1:
  types SL / SM / SH / DH (formerly grades A,B,C,D)

° Unalloyed spring steel wire acc. to DIN EN 10270-1: 
  pre-galvanised types SL(z) / SM(z) / SH(z) / DH(z)

° Unalloyed spring steel wire acc. to
  DIN 17223-1:1964 II: (formerly Class II)

° Quenched and tempered spring wire acc. to 
  DIN EN 10270-2:
  SiCr-alloyed / e.g. FD54SiCr6 standard strength /
  high strength / super high strength 
° Valve spring wire acc. to DIN EN 10270-2:
  SiCr-alloyed / e.g. VDSiCr super clean, peeled,

° Stainless steel spring wire acc. to DIN EN 10270-3:
  e.g. 1.4310 / 1.4571 / 1.4568 / 1.4401

° Special materials for high-temperature application:   
  e.g. 2.4669 (Inconel X750) / 2.4668 (Inconel X718)
  e.g. 2.4632, 2.4969 (Nimonic 90)
  e.g. 2.4610 (Hastelloy C-4)


Surface Treatment
Shot peening
Glass bead blasting
Vibratory grinding / barrel finishing
Electrolytic polishing

Corrosion protection processes
Electrostatic powder coating (EPS)
Cathodic dip-paint coating (KTL)
Zink flake coating
Electrogalvanising + Chromate coating / Passivation
Zink nickel coating (Zn-Ni)
further processes upon customer requirement

Marking systems
Laser engraving
Tampon- and laser printing